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You have worked successfully and well-deserved vaca. You flew to Thailand to rest. You go to the store to get the clothing that are ideal. That you meet a gorgeous and buxom dame. You begin a dialog. Her name is Pamela and she is invited by you . You send her SMS, the following day. Be cautious not to frighten the doll away. Have a look at the index in the bottom of the display. You invite Pamela into a cafe to have a cup of hot coffee. Now your mission is to reach Pamela's relationship with you to have hook-up with her. Choose the options for the dialogue and then Pamela agrees to go to your motel room. .
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Meet woman Iyura Mishima from the art room. Things will go sexy as you progress the sport. It's possible to make game end otherwise depending upon your choices (I guess that buttons you click on your best). Store passwords to relish endings.