Booty Call Ep. 23 Bar Hopping

If you are interested in finding sexy and very likely kinky doll then there's not any finer way than to carry out a trip through each of the pubs in the community place. And since Jake is always searching for women who'll concur to get put with him so this exactly what he's likely to do tonight - to jump through all the bars possible until they will be closed. Plus they really will be shut at two p.m. so this is some sort of time limit to you as a participant. So visit all the clubs you will discover and don't leave your luck at home - you will need! This is scene 23 of fairly famous sexy and jokey game set"Booty call" and do not be astonished if you may wish to try all of the preceding episodes after playing this one - sex and laugh is pretty good ingredients for a fantastic cocktail!

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