Secret Society

1 night Brian understands a starnge call. Why is it unusual? Well, not every day someone named Wishmaster calls you to inform about the chance to make your desires to become ture. Want to find out more? Play the game! The sport is a mixture of visual novel and hentai minigames. Therefore, in the event that you don't see nude chicks from the first-ever screen then you need to read some texts very first. Or simply jump them if you can't wait to view trio of the hot and looks like quite naughy nuns meeting with your hero in the motel area. Pretty simple nonetheless some sort of cute graphics, animated scenes, minigames, dialogs with humor and unusual secret lounging supporting the so called society of"Wishmaster" - you will see every one of these and may be much more if you're daring enough to start this match about secret needs!

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Laura’s Temptations

How about to spend this night with Laura? This blondie could use some quality sex time to relax after hard working day with you!
You will be playing as Laura's boyfriend. Who is Laura? She is one awesome looking blonde who has not fucked for quite some time and she is eager to do something with it! There is a dialog part of this game is easy you will need to click on replicas to keep the story going. And there is an interactive part where you will do a lot fo hot things with Laura. First you will need to put on some music and give her a good relaxing massaging. Make it right and you will be allowed to take off Laura's clothes piece by piece - yep, this blondie is still into foreplay! And what will happen next you will want to see and play yourself instead of reading about it!

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