Training Days

This game is not really a game - it's more like hentai comics informat. However, it's lots and lots of most famous and sexy characters in anime, videogames and cartoon shows with a lot of lesbian intercourse with one another! Only watch through pages to view such personalities as Makoto Kusanagi from "Ghost in the Shell" anime being hard fucked by Jessie out of "Pokemon" and her sexy girlfriend with use of big strapons. Or enjoy Sexy Chun Li from "Street fighter" banginghard candy Kitty Pryde out of "X-man". Or join Cammie and her partner in researching the undergound comples where hardcore sex scenes occurs behind each door! And this really is bare the first half of this story - just continue reading to seemore character ineven more hardcore lesbian orgies!

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Yuna versus Tentacles

The world of "Final Fantasy" is your universe of heroes and adventures and creatures. Yet this one definite adventure will probably be about one sexy sexy heroine Yuna and a few going alone agains a bunsh of tentacles... and as long as it's hentai game it will be a sexual battle!
This time you will not be commanding hero Yuna - you'll be controlling monster! In what pit to fuck this hero woman next it's your responsibility to decide! Catch her, and touch her bode where you like. Fuck her wet hungry mouth grab and squeeze her amazing booty! Change positions and acces of dominating this hottie in sexy shorts that are small, attributes! And when you will make no less sexy then you deliver this sexual experience and are undress her! Play Yuna!

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