Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Punishment

This game will show the other side of Lara Croft's nature to her worshippers - the one where she prefers to become subordinated bitch rather than maighty leading lady. Therefore, if you always thought that Lara shoud be more fucked and whiped real good then you will love this puny but very exciting adventure a good deal! After the inroduction will place up teh story the minigame segment will start. Here you may utilize one of several available tools - handswhip and penis - to breal Lara's will and make her into a fuckslut to the ancient mythical beast. Simply select the instrument and use it manually (by clicking and clicking left mouse button) on various areas of Lara's body - if the prep amount is fgrowing then you are ona right track. Once it'll be filled you'll get access to more options and much more joy!

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