My Little Pony

Another very special afternoon

In case you've played with otehr game sform that this serie sbefor ethen you may scarcely be astonished by the fact that using Nanny almost every day is unique... and just like day is not enough today she is also making the distinctive afternoons! For example this time she determined to spend this day by matsurbating in the bathtoube even though she knows that thsi is stringently prohibited by the palace rules! However, when did the rules of someone were able to stop Nanny from becoming sexual enjoyment? So this case will not turn into an exception and rather than troubles she is highely likely going for herself a business... If you happened to stuck in some scene attempt to type in the word"aid" to be able to get hints about what to do next (if it's possible). And ofcourse don't leave behind to look at our site for more of Nanny's exciting adventures!

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