sexy chicks

Grunt: Perverted tales 2

This game isn't really a game - it is similar to animated film. In it you'll discover the story about two nymphs who got tired without big hard cocks. Some demon who was passing by heard their talkings and decided to assist them with their difficulty. After doing a little magic trick involving cooking that he knows for sure - now these two bitches are gimps for his boner! Watch him banging one of these until he cums, then he fucks anothe rone till he cums, then he fucks them both until they all cum. So much spunking you say? Well, he's a demon after all fucking sexy chicks is what he does all of the time! Overal this is gonna become a brief and titillating hentai animation with couple of jokes, threesome, a lot of cumshots and even some sort of story twist in the end!

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