Porn Bastards: Shaundi [v 1.3]

Shaundi is among the very badass associates of the Saints - powerfull gang by the videogaim series"Saints Row"... evebn tho her donk is in fact indeed great! So if you always wanted to have fuck-a-thon with ehr while you're playing the original game but never got the chance then that anime porn parody game out of"Porn Bastards" will repair the situation. Follow through the staroy by simply studying (or skiping) dialogs. But do not worry - sooner or afterward you'll get Shaundi naked and have intercourse with her! The most important idea of the game series is that not just you fucking some sexy and favored characters but also doing it with a qwide set of customization choices (some are accessible from the very beginning while others are going to be unlocked later) which will permit you to turn this manga porn spectacle into anime porn scene out of the raw dreams!

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