Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

"Quickie" anime porn game series will introduce you to one more alluring dame that you will attempt to tempt - thsi time it will be Toshiko. She's a brunette who may appear to be some creep in very first. She'll arrive from nowhere and seems like she is more interested in her kitty than in thsi fabulous stud in front of her. Here is where you will need to proove that she's incorrect because not only this stud can help her with her cat but also he can become her friend and probably even make her happier in sexual way. However, what end you will get will probably be characterized by all of the choice you'll make in the process. "Oppai Games" introduces this collection of visual books together with hentai elemnets"Quickie" for everyone who enjoys visual novels however thinks that most of them require an excessive amount of time .

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