Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.05)

“Con-Quest!” Is fun and colorful venture for all devotees of magic, geek conventions and pokemon themed cosplay! Oh, and there’ll be a lot of hot ladies as well so that you kinda can quit reaidng this description and commence enjoying with already. In case if you’re still looking for something then become prepared to take part in a narrative that begins with a powerful witch who is planning to conquer our world and she is planning to start with a costume play convention centre where she chooses the hottest looking chicks under possession. Now just the mage in an ancient order of protectors may stop her by handling all her hot minions and you got it right – you will develop into this enthusiast (well, along with your ultra-cute looking fucking playmate too)! Are you prepared to save your day? Then go get these sexy cosplayers!

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