Kelly Solo

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Kelly is planning to spend the evening with her room. Kelly isn't regretting anything. This is exactly what Kelly wanted over the past few years - to spend the entire evening on her own. Kelly will be spending the night alone, playing one of her most Dildo fucktoys. You'll notice that any situation that is simple can result in a myriad of different outcomes. Because this game is an interactive one and designed to be played by players, it is your choice what Kelly is supposed to do next. Would you suggest she remove her clothing first? Or do you think she should be playing with herself right now? Should she play with her Tits? Or focus on the main things and not be distracted? There are two or three alternatives in each scenario. You could help Kelly figure out what she should be doing. Kelly may read a book, work out or shower. Kelly can change her life through small decisions which will allow her to achieve success in her day. Let's start.|Kelly has the entire residence to herself for the evening, and she is particular concerning her plans. She lights some candles and turns on some sultry music to establish the scene. She puts and picks on her most valued undergarments. She relapses with admiration for her appearance as she looks in the mirror. She goes to the living-room after taking a sip of her recommended wine glass. After lighting some incense, she reclines on the cozy couch. She lets her thoughts stray as she seeks out at the stars. She begins to take into consideration just how immoral she wants to be this evening. She picks to act out all of her unclean fantasies after remembering them all.}