Pleasure Island

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This is a fun arcade game in which the player must visit her friend’s house for the allotted time and collect the most items she can. Let’s get started. The island is home to a couple who enjoy a quiet time. However, suddenly the island is infested with various bizarre creatures. The kidnapping of the girl was carried out. In the video, you’ll observe a man dressed in an aquatic suit. Use the arrow keys to movearound, turn, and do somersaults. Spaces are responsible for interacting with objects. Moving from left to right and stay clear of monsters in order to gather objects. This includes condoms, lifesaver, and flowers. At the end of the stage you will meet your boss. To continue your journey you have to take him down. Be determined and strong Find the means to get someone to be your girlfriend. Are you willing to take on the challenge and save your girlfriend? Then, let’s get into the game.

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