Sexation Quest 4 Samantha

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In this game you’re likely to get some fuck-a-thon with adorable woman called Samantha. But just like in lifestyle it won’t be that easy to do. First you are going to have to receive her attention. You will have to proove that you truly like her and for that you will have to know what she likes in a first place. To obtain that information find there some of the friends of Samantha, you’ll have to see unique places and ask them. Ofcourse not all them will give this away info for free-for-all… well, most likely you understand why there’s a word”pursuit” in the name. Game has a lot of dialogs but the walktrhough is pretty linear so it only depends on how quick you will learn to ask decent questions so you could get decent answers and get closer to your goal – to lure Samatha.

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