The Last Cockbender

It is fairly obvious from the title on which animation serie sthis anime porn parody is going to be on. That is right – avatar Aang has truned into cockbender from last airbender! And because you’ll also see it may way more effective approach to take care of princess Azula from Fire Country… and more pleasing obviously! The narrative inside the game embarks with Azula meets Aang and requiring a struggle. And she’s practicallywon this fight so this is why Aang needed to utilize the key mechanism of cockbending as the last chance to become the winner… and if by the triumph he menat he will not only violate this huge-boobed bitch but also possess se xwith her thenthen he has chosen the perfect move! After fight will be over you’ll be taking part in a series of interactive manga porn scenes and minigames.

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