Pussymon: Episode 22

Are you ready to add some new pussymons for your collection? Then get prepared to platy in Pussymon – Episode 22: Fluffy Land! Leaded by Master Oswald, you and friends and family, followed by Razor, Scarlet and Clair’s team enter Lord Edwin’s chamber (eventually!) . In the event when you have no idea who all these figures are then you clearly have not played previuos gigs of the adventure saga and you better do this since this game is kind of story oriented – check our website at which you are able to find and play them. And should you’ve reconized all these characters then you most likely can’t wait to learn what misadventures they have themselves in this time! Ofcourse new heroes, locations, animations and hot pussymons are included in each fresh epsiode as before! Play now »