Candy Shop – Chocolate

This afternoon has already started as the great day however briefly it is going to get even better for Andy aka the test stud at”Candy Co”. Now he will satisfy the fresh mind of their researches and he will join the distinctive department which does not only creates fresh candy and flavor them but… create fuckable femmes out of desserts and sweets and evaluations them! What exactly do we mean by these”tests”? It is fuckfest ofcourse (did you forget about which site you’ve found this game in a first-ever place?) ! So welcome to the”Chocolate Shop” – nicely made interactive series with a great deal of fuckfest and comedy every vignette of which will be dedicated to ceratin in demand dessert and just like these desserts it will make you more and more of them (and we have a lot of them on our own wbesite)! Bon apetite! Play now »