Desire and Submission 2

How would you feel about attending a party in the villa of one hostess? This 3D game gives you that possibility. You see a beautiful villa. The villa’s owner is a sexy and busty girl who is waiting in the front. The cream of society comes to join in a private sex party. The hostess delights the guests and offers alcohol-infused drinks. He also explains to them what will happen at this BDSM party. The guests disperse to their rooms and the fun commences. To interact with game objects, use the mousepointer. In the next step, you’ll need to discover all the sexy secrets to be found at this sex party. For instance, you’ll witness lesbians having sex with lewdness. And in another room two men are whipping one another with whips. And that’s just the start of the drama. The squeals of delight are still heard in the basement’s dark corners. Let’s begin. Play now »