Maid for You

This intriguing story happened at the campus at the Institute of Physics and Biology, which will be situated in New Orleans. A normal student of this institute awakens in the morning in his area. He looks round the area. Wow… Definitely it looks very filthy. Because yesterday was a beer soiree and everybody drank a great deal of alcohol. The student thinks it would be nice to encourage a cleaning woman. A student calls the cleaning service and also goes to classes at the university. In the evening, the doorbell rings. On the brink stands a hot cleaning lady. She has a figure and a wonderful smile. She is invited by A student and she begins cleaning. But the pupil wishes to have sex with her. To do it, you have to interact with the game and use the dialogue options. If you can prefer the cleaning woman she will give you a sucky-sucky. And after that you will have perverted and beautiful sex with her. Would you like a program? Let’s implement it at the moment. Play now »