New game about love and relationship triangles is here and of course there’ll be a good deal of fuck-a-thon scenes inside! This time you wll see Chris seeing his friend Richard. Richard has daughter-in-law named Lola who doesn’t mind to go fucked by Chris (may be that is why she’s taking him from airport) . Also there will be Lola’s good buddy Evelyn who is ready to liberate her virginity and Richard’s fresh wifey Angelica who doesn’t mind to cheat her husband from time to time… Not to ruin the story lets talk about gameplay. The majority of the scenes (created in 3D by the way) are played point and click on quests. Every time the cursor is visible you have to perform an action by using controls. For more thorough description of the activity you are able to find in the”how to play” part in the primary menu. And you truly should assess them it may be very useful if you don’t want to go stuckked from the very first scene and to see not only the way the story will finish but also how many hump scenes there will be! And a little advice in case in case you got stuck – just kind”house” to get a hint. Play now »