Yoko Threesome

Yoko mentioned in teh name of thsi game is non other than Yoko Littner – sandy-haired bombshell from extra in demand anime series”Gurren Lagann”. Now she’s visiting a physician. And even tho she’s put on the revealing version of her costume her amazing curves nevertheless create the medic horny… along with his weird looking supporters becomes sexy too! So now both of these pervs are going to find an increasing number of thoughts for a very close analyses of Yoko Littner’s assets. Click here on teh area bar button to budge from 1 scene to another but don’t be in a rush – virtually of every one these scenes are revived and you don’t indeed need to miss some quite exciting details of Yoko’s visit! And we barely will spoil the narrative considerably if we mention that this visit will turn into threesome fucking afterwards all (moreover it was mentione in the title)! Play now »