Jail Break

A neighborhood dude went to jail for stealing pineapples by a merchant. Officer Jenny sits at the police station and also falls asleep. Great news. The dude might attempt to escape. For this you need to assist him. Look around. You will observe the keys that are wandering close to the prison cell. Next to the mobile, someone left a loofah. Use it in order to get the keys. Heck. The mutt arrived. Hit her with a mop and the mutt will run out. Jenny opens her eyesagain. Apply the mop and pretend nothing occurs. After Jenny sleeps you need to slip the keys. Then slide from the cell and head over to Jenny. Mm . . Her enormous bosoms got your attention. Perhaps you need to remain in the police station to perform a bit kinky with big-chested Jenny? Let us embark the game and take a look. Play now »