Grunt: Perverted tales 2

This is just one extra plain game that you will possibly call a pair of animated scenes with just a couple interactive features but non the less it will be among the very exicting things you have probably seen because it won’t only be manga porn themed but it is going to show the dream of many many guys from all over the world – just two yummy and by all means agreeable looking housewives will appear to bring the most important character the best pleasure that he ever had! But what exactly they will do is something that is much nicer to see by yourself and if if fuckfest isn’t enough inspiration then you’ll also see few funny moments as well as some mystical elements added into this not long but certainly fairly joy cartoon! Play now »

Kitchen Fun

If having an intimate sex with some slutty furry chick on the floor in the kitchen sounds like your kind of entertainment… then you’re exactly the kind of person that this game was created! It’s not necessary to worry about dialogs, stories or puzzles. You just need to focus on the core of interactive entertainment with hentai. You can slap the chick however you want! Use some fucktoys to make the fun endure longerand keep this fucklove of yours always enthralled! Choose different tools like hands or even tongues to make this as intimate as a hentai game can be! You should also make sure to have the most fun possible to have the best time of your life. It may sound odd, but it is definitely an excellent kitchen activity! Play now »