Milk Plant

You probably know who this gal is – she is Tifa Lockhart from popular videogames series”Final Fantasy”. But did you ever expected to visit thisbattle vixen iin a scenario similar to this? Captured, chained and blinded – what will happen to her second? Well, her meaty tits will be milked ofcourse! The texts in the game will be in japanese so in the event you’re going to be playing it then it’ll be not fo rthe story (unless you understand japanese language). To advance the game you’ll have to locate active points on the screen and activate them. It can barely count as trick – almost all of active points are put in the region of Tifa’s large bra-stuffers. Release her strenuous tits form her tight shirt, play with them, create her nipples thicker and much more sensitive using vacuum fucktoys before getting tonesof milk she’s for you. Play now »