Mortal Cum Butt

It is time for world shield Sonya Blade to face her nemesis Kano in one final combat… or as we allknow it Mortal Kombat! And since this game is from”GamesOfDesire” studios you know that this competition will turn up the heat! It hardly will be a spoiler because this scene is going to be the opening for entire game – Sonya is about to loose the battle and Kano is prepared to provide her fatality… but then he decides to use his new move known as”sexiness” instead! And from this moment Sonya is going to have a lot of close counters with Kano’s yam-sized and hard stiffys with all different sections of her bod… Love the spectacle and trigger differnet scenes whenever they will becaome available to budge farther. A few of these scenes will probably be manually controlled minigames. Play now »