The Vacation Blonde

Betty Brickhouse has been spening this night at the hotel. Next to her room lives an old man with a unusual nickname Grandpa Slappy who like sto stare thru the windows of otehr rooms every time he has a chnace. And according to the noises and shadows moving behind the curtains the showcase he is about to witness in Betty’s room is quiet promising. And he had been right – the thinsg he has noticed would be… well, here we will not tell you any more so if you want to knwo exactly what Grandpa Slappy has noticed that you are going to have to watch this pretty brief animation on your own. No gameplay or anything similar to it – only joy and sexy animated narrative starring big-titted blond Betty Brickhouse (from the way more of these and similar stories you can always find on our own site). Have joy! Play now »