Porn Bastards: Shaundi [v 1.3]

Ofcourse you know who this tough and sexy chick in tight purple colored garb is – this can be Shaundi and she’s one of the most sexy and badass honies that had been in The Saints group (you’ve played at least one videogame from”Sainst Row” string, correct?) ! And tonight you will finally get the chance to do something that you can’t do in any games where she was making appearances – you can talk her into having fuck-a-thon with you! And you actually have nothing to worry about at all – if you will progress through the story she will be having hookup with you anyways! Just don’t forget to check customization options from time to time in order to make this private date with Shaundie into the most moist of your fantasies about fucking lady from videogame world! Play now »