Zombie Hooker XXX-mas

Do beautiful women be able to survive in a dark and alarming forest? The answer will be revealed in this captivating computer game. The main character became lost in the woods. This led to the zombie apocalypse. The woman must survive. In order to do that it is necessary to observe important things, weapons and additionally hunt for companions. they’re going to facilitate the woman to resist the gang of hungry zombies. To navigate the screen, use the management buttons. A push button can be used to fire a gun. In order for Santa to follow youaround, you have got to the contact him. To trick him, lead the elves to their home. Get to the night’s quota and enter the trailer to move on to ensuing level. Gather hearts from objects that are destroyed to replenish health. This could be your only chance to live in the dark forest, in which hungry zombies roam. Let’s play. Play now »