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Kewie is ginger-haired with very uber-cute pigtails… and big round tits that can’t be hidden under virtually any tee-shirt! This ultra-cutie will become your gf while you will be playing this game. And since she’s your girlfriend fucking her you might need to have some converstaion. As an instance, ask her about her daily life. But don’t worry – this bitch is a very whorey kind of girlfriend so afetr a duo of minutes she will be asking you to let he rto ride on your large hard man sausage which she considers the best dick in the entire world! Gampelay can be broken into two parts – the one in which you want to construct the discussions by choosing among three available choices (and only one of them is correct) and the other part which really are minigames where you’ll have to execute elementary deeds to get sex with Kewie.

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