The UPN v0.6 Tentacle Edition

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This game is still marked as WIP (work in progress) therefore not everyhting may work since it supposed to be but main thoughts and fuctions are currently in its own places. Therefore, if you’re interested (and most likely ready to help) in where our game is moving you can test it at this time. In this game you’ll meet such characetre like Crania. Some might understand her as teh Goddess of Departure but according to teh actions you are going to see you most likely would telephone her since the Goddes of Sex. And because she’s a goddess she isn’t enthusiastic about fucking with only mortals – she still chooses powerful mythical beasts and creatures! By how you can add a few switches into Crania’s look if you’re going to want to by using broad spectre of personalization options. In the game you’ll also receive an chance to make some coins in the game to buy additional accesoirs along with fucktoys due to her.

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