Chicks and Bikers

Brutal bikers love beer, metal horses and fights. But occasionally they like to meet chesty chicks. Therefore the game starts from a biker pub. Several bikers drinking Guinness beer and are currently still sitting at the desk. They discuss important things and bikes. In addition to a biker life that is challenging. The door opens and another biker comes in. Everyone is making fun. What’s so hilarious!? It turns out everybody is laughing at the biker clothes. He begins to boil. He would like to prove that he is a real biker. And offers a bet. He might need to push the ring as prompt as you can and not fall off the motorcycle. You must help him. Use the computer keyboard. In the event you acquire toj, a big-titted waitress will invite you to see. And there that the biker will be able to have sex . Sounds cool right? Let’s do it. Play now »