Meet’N’Fuck: Street Racing

Din Viesel is well know figure in the world of underground and at times even prohibited racing of this city. His charged up muscle van didn’t knoe equals yet once he was throun a challenge from a new-comer driver on a fancy car he had to say yes – the only thing that he enjoys as much as swift cras are sexy ladies! And that new-comer is just one sexy chick for certain so once Din will win the race he’ll find the prize far more pleasing than any currency or vehicles… The one thing left to do is to win the race and also this is where the help form the player will be requried because this is not likely to be “press button to acquire” venture but a real racing aracde at which you will be controling the hasty van to be able to outrace your enemies and also escape collisions with fairly massive civillian traffic at exactly the exact identical time! Play now »