FuckTown: Library Debt

The first thing to note is that it’s an error to not remember to return the book to library. We don’t recommend that you do this unless you live in Fucktown. Because here only the librarians are so hot looking and so naughty that they will make you pay for the bill in the manner they want you to… and hardly do you consider having a sexual encounter with busty hottie as some horrible punishment for not returning the book in time! We may have gone to in the wrong direction, but the truth is this game isboth about “Fucktown” as well as “Library”. The result is pretty obvious. So waste no more time and bring the book back to find out how true were our statements at the beginning of this description. Play now »

FT: Useful profession

This can be fresh game from”Fuck Town” collection and out of it you will figure out which else profession may be very usefull for becoming not only currency but also plenty of hook-up. By the way it will barely be a spoiler since game will tell you about it – you will be working in a company that helps people who forgot or lost their keys to pick their own locks! Through events of this game you will get a new client who reallyturns out to become one of the friends… and she is extremely sexy blonde with the way! So help her to deal with her problem and since this is very important for her you might get prize way finer than just a salary – she will let you to fuck her! But first youwill should win a lockpicking minigame before you will get to hot ones… Play now »

Fuck Town: Lucky Winner

Fucktown is a really wonderful place in which any individual could get lucky more than once! And this is just what happened to you because after you bought the fresh TV group you had been automatically entered the distinctive lottery which you also happened to win! The only thing left to do is to get your prize at the mall and to provide a private interview to the reporter of the local newspaper who’s composing a story about this event… and as you’ve most likely already figured that this reporter is one hot looking chick whose concept of”personal dialogue” is a small bit wider than usual. But if this isn’t your first-ever day at Fucktown you then slightly ought to be surprsied by the sort of reporters you’ll be able to meet here… And look for mroe FT games in our own site ofcourse! Play now »

Fuck Town: Night Rest

Our personalities title is Brock. He’s a messenger in his way home in the neighboring kingdom with all the great news for his king! The night, he was attacked by two robbers. Luckily he managed to escape from them in the shadow. Wandering in search of accommodation for the night that he discovered the lights of the unknown estate… Play now »

Fuck Town: Thai Paradise

The game this time will be about quite usual citizens of Fucktown who’s name is Brian. Brian was working long hours throughout the year, and is now finally enjoying his holiday, plans to spend somewhere that reminds him of paradise on Earth… and the beautiful country of Thailand could be just that destination! Besides that just like in Fuctown our gent Bryan has a great chance of having a great time there so the decision is made! Also, moving a bit more forward Brian is likely to meet a hottie named Pamela but how exactly how he’ll seduce her is actually entirely up to the individual at this point, so bring all of your charms and pick-up skills and take this small virtual trip filled with beauty and sex into Thailand! Thailand! Play now »

Fuck Town: Cleaning Services

If you have seen more than one adult movie in your life then you very likely already know that working at Cleaning Service can provide you with intercourse from time to time from your clients. And even thought in real life chances for it move in Fucktown this will work for certain! And also you can attempt it here and now – just hit”play game” button. So you are playing as the man namedmentioned Cleaning Service. Now he will work for Mallory who can be called an”ideal customer” as it pertains to Fucktown – not simply she is lazy to do the house cleaning but she’s also hot looking and very horny to repay you with certain services in come back. Don’t keep this woman waiting! Play now »