Tomb Raider Punishment

In this interactive flash game you are going to learn about the adventures of Lara Croft. So, sexy and big-titted Lara Croft went on a assignment at the Amazon jungle. Her mission is to come in the early pyramid and locate some essential artifact there. It is called the Black Sun’s Big Circle. The artifact is encircled by a significant number of traps and guards. Lara Croft escaped, but had been immobilized. Now for the thieving of the artifact comes the time of punishment. So look at the game display. Busty Lara Croft is linked to a ritual circle. She is downright naked. There are some things on the best of the screen. Use the mouse to pick a present and interact with it. You may fuck Lara Croft in her taut and hairy labia or around backside. The option is yours. Start play. Play now »