Somewhere in Hollywood

Inside this porno-parody you have to dive right into bdsm matches along with the stars! Popular pop-idols, including Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, made a decision to rip themselves out on the entire night. Selena and 2 of the friends invite Justin for their mansion having a overnight stay to really have a great time . Needless to say, the guy can’t give up the nighttime with this kind of hot beauties, and they arrive at the mansion about the red automobile while Justin and Selena were kissing in the backseat. Apparently, the women have prepared a lot of fun things for this celebration, along with the player on the start screen is provided to pick the scene he enjoy. All sex scenes happen in various parts of the mansion and also at several times of the night. Throughout the sex scene you will want to move gradually at first, and then faster to ensure in the end Justin could cum. Each of the scenes are diverse and each has its own characteristics and intriguing capabilities. Try each of them and figure out how ends this hot night! Play now »