Naru Narusegawa hentai sex game

Naru Narusegawa is a female character from quite favored anime”Love Hina”. But in case you have not seen this anime or read the manga then all you really should know about the characters is that she looks really hot in bikini asses on the beach! And in this game you will get your chance to fuck her. Simply select the style and speed and begin your very best day at the beach with Naru. But don’t leave behind that besides pleasure bar Naru will includes a pressure meter. Your job is to earn the pleasure meter to sense up faster since only in that instance you’ll win the game and see the unique animated cumshot scene as your prize. To avoid the pressure bar from packing up too quick you need to chnage the designs more frequently or perhaps give naru some time to catch her breath by switching to idle mode. Play now »