Meet’N’Fuck: Secret Agent

The protagonist of this game is really a CIA spy. It is early morning. Briefing at the headquarters. Emmett von Brown has been kidnapped. According to intelligence, he was developing a fresh sort of weapon which could ruin a great deal of people. You know that elements of this device have been in European nations. You have to go looking for portions of the weapon that will prevent terrorists. So first-ever, you need to meet with a broker in Western Europe. Select the nation you’re likely to. For instance, it could be Belgium. Milana will be there awaiting you. To receive important favors from her, you must sate her. To do so, drink moonshine and then fuck Milana in her coochie. Then go to Budapest where you will meet the following informant. Have anal romp with her and the lady will tell you where another part is. Play now »