Pussymon: Episode 06

New update for Pussymon saga that as usual comes as fresh gig of an epic heroic tale below the title”The Halloween Land”. From that name it’s fairly obvious that this episode is some sort of unique addition created peculiarly for the time of this year and if you enjoy catching hot pussymons as much as spooky and mysterious ghost stories then this game is going to be a good improvement for this very special night (but ofcourse you can play it in any time of the year). Besides new quests to accomplish and fresh grounds to explore you will get a chance to meet fresh pussymon species which was created specially for Halloween themed sequence and will take a major place. New animations, new skills, new achievemnets are also included! Play now »

Dream Job Season 2: Episode 5

If you consistentlywante dto become a hotle manager then the title of the game will not lie – it is a”Dream Job”! But even if you did play it – is hot women getting naked and having joy to love this game. And like befor e- all of roles in this videoquest are performed by sensual models! Manager is not teh chief yet but when this boss is going on vaca his manager becomes almost a chief while the boss is gone. Too tricky to understand? Don’t worry – simply do everything to please your fresh clients so they would want to please you in come back! Try to be respectful and pro when it is needed or you may get an ending sans any sensual content revealed at all. And do not forget that this game can be found in two languages – both english and french. Play now »