Metropolis Lux Obscura [Preview]

The gampelay of this game is based on known and loved by millions all over the world match-3-in-row type so barely you will know something new here. But where you will get some new emotions is the way it is told to the participant and the narrative itself. Let’s embark with the second one – the main idea of storytelling in this game is based interactive comics where you even can affect the major line of the story in few key minutes of it! And if you are the fan of criminal packed adventures where almost all the characters are the sinners looking for redemption but instead only keep paying for their crimes then this game is defeintely for you! You will start because the stud who recently got free-for-all sort the prison simply to find out his olf buddy wa smurdered so today it’s your responsibility to understand who and why… the rest you’ll learn only from the game! Play now »