The Mad Professor 2

The 2nd part of the game is all about a young professor and his creation. In the basement of the University of Applied Physics and Chemistry, a young scientist created a material. She’s artificial intelligence and the professor called her The Green Storm. The professor arrived at this conclusion that the material can help to influence the female mind after conducting experiments in the laboratory. And it allows you to liquidate clothes from the dolls. Austin Williams extends to inspect the impact of the material. There he sees a huge-boobed dark-haired. The professor unloads gas. . Wow. Her garments were dropped by the duo. Moreover, the damsel gives the professor cash to have orgy . This really is an awesome discovery. Professor fucks a buxom damsel at the bus stop in her tight pussy and pours tons of sperm. Subsequently the professor leaves. However, this is just the beginning of the story. . Play now »