CR: Cheater

In this gig of”Christie’s Room” sensual game series you’re likely to meet sexy looking student who turned out to be maybe not smart and aught whilst cheating during the examination. Luckily for her teacher she was attempting to cheat is ready to give her another kind of penalty than to crush her out from the school. Well, you understand the pirvate kind of penalty. And fortunately for you in this interactive story you will be enjoying a steh schoolteacher… Game itself is made as ordinary point and click (and at times also haul) pursuit where you go after the narrative and carry out specific deeds from time to time to remain involved into the process and attempt to find the proper ways of usage for each tool you will have (including the dialog options) to get what you would like from this ultra-kinky student. Play now »

The Mad Professor

In a city in an underground lab, a scientist Adam devised a particular chemical. That has properties that are very unusual. If you join it to the clock, the moment quits. At school, Adam was considered awkward and a bore. Now, however, it’s time to make vengeance. Adam goes out and sees the girl Stephanie. She is mocking Adam. But Adam starts the apparatus and time stops. Stephanie is in his hands. Adam undress Stephanie, to start with. Fucks her in a tight puss and a raw mouth. And then pops her face with batter and leaves. Time comes back into regular and Stephanie sees that she’s sitting on the seat completely nude and all in masculine sperm… Play now »